Virtual Summer Show

INTERACTIVE Maths Show for Year 10s

9 July 2020
1:30pm - 3:00pm

5 stars

I didn't expect to enjoy it,
but it was amazing.

Year 10 Student

Join Matt Parker, Ben Sparks, Zoe Griffiths and Rob Eastaway, plus Special Guest Dr Hannah Fry, LIVE as they reveal mathematical curiosities from the world of music, sport, games, and lotteries.


There will be puzzles and quizzes, a chance to ask questions, AND an opportunity to win a fantastic prize for yourself and for your school.

This might be the most maths fun you'll have this year.

Fixed charge of £60 incl VAT for a school

There is no limit on how many can view from a school, but only teachers can book.

We anticipate that most students will be at home, so they will need home access to YouTube and to a separate browser (for interactivity).




A joint venture between Maths Inspiration and The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme

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Who is the show for?

The show is particularly aimed at Year 10s that you expect to get a Grade 5 or above at GCSE. However the content will also appeal to many Year 9s.

How will the show be broadcast?

The main medium for broadcasting will be YouTube.

How interactive will the show be?

Students who are watching will be able to play along with the maths, submit questions and entries for our mini Lottery via a separate browser (which can be on the same device as YouTube). YouTube comments will be switched off.

Who can book?

Only teachers can book, on behalf of their school. If there are students who cannot access the show in their classroom, the teachers can pass on these codes at their discretion.


How will I access the show?

Teachers will be sent a briefing with links at least two days before the event.

How many can watch from a school?

There will be no limit on how many students can view from a school, but only teachers will be sent access details. We are envisaging that a school might have anywhere from 10 to 150 students watching the show.

What if students can't watch on the day?

The show will be recorded and the video will be available to subscribing schools for one week after the show.

What about students at home?

We anticipate that most students will be at home. Teachers will need to send them a link and a briefing, and they will need YouTube and a separate browser.


Matt Parker

Matt Parker is known as the "stand-up mathematician" and is the only person to hold the prestigious title of London Mathematical Society Popular Lecturer while simultaneously having a sold-out comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. His latest book, Humble Pi, was the first maths book to reach No.1 in The Sunday Times Bestseller list.

Hannah Fry

Hannah Fry is a lecturer in the Mathematics of Cities at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London. but these days she's best known as a presenter of numerous BBC programmes, including most recently on Horizon in which she presented a documentary about Covid-19. In 2019 she delivered the highly acclaimed Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on TV.

Zoe Griffiths

Zoe Griffiths is a mathematician who travels the UK and internationally giving talks and workshops in schools, at science festivals, and at comedy nights. Zoe has given talks at the Cheltenham Science Festival, in the Royal Institution world-famous lecture theatre and has performed mathematical comedy at Robin Ince's variety show Nine Lessons and Carols for Curious People.

Ben Sparks

Ben Sparks is a mathematician, musician, and a speaker. He gives talks and workshops around the world on the beauty and magic of mathematics and often performs songs with his guitar as part of the show. He's based at the University of Bath and also works with the Advanced Maths Support Programme around the UK. If his face is familiar, you might have seen him on YouTube's Numberphile channel.

Rob Eastaway

Rob Eastaway is an author whose books on everyday maths include the bestselling Why Do Buses Come In Threes? and Maths On The Back Of An Envelope. He is the puzzle adviser for New Scientist magazine and often appears on BBC Radio 4 and 5 Live to talk about the maths of everyday life. Rob is a keen sportsman and in the absence of cricket during lockdown he's been playing darts and tennis (with his son, who is in Year 9).

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