FAQs - Online Shows

What time are the shows?
Most of our shows have run from 2pm to 2:50pm. We usually have pre-show shout-outs that start a few minutes before the show itself.

Is it interactive?
Yes! The show is broadcast live, and viewers will be able to submit entries to quiz questions, puzzles, surveys and send questions for the presenters.

What if we can’t all watch it live?
The show will be recorded, and will be available on a private Youtube link for one week after the show.  The link will only be available for schools who have booked.  (But do watch it live if you can, to make the most of the interactive element - and in some shows, the chance to win prizes!).

Is the content relevant to the curriculum?
Yes. But this is not a lesson - it’s a chance to remind your students about how the maths they have been studying links to the real world, and to topics that they care about.

Is this suitable for watching in classrooms or at home?
Both. We expect most of the audience will be in classrooms, and we pace the content to give teachers a chance to talk briefly to classes.  It is still be fine to watch individually at home. However, we don’t recommend watching this in (say) a school hall.  It needs the intimacy of a classroom.

Who is the show suitable for?
We announce in advance which age groups we are aiming shows at.   Most of our shows are relevant to students in Year 11/12. 

What technology will we need to watch it?
We will be broadcasting live on YouTube.  You need to make sure in advance that the link is not blocked by your school’s IT department.  If you are watching in class, your students should also (ideally) be allowed use of their phones in order to sign into a browser, so that they can submit entries and quiz answers individually.