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We are able to keep our events affordable for schools thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, in particular Admiral Insurance.

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Inspire Your Teenagers with a Maths Show

Maths Inspiration is one of the largest maths enrichment programmes for teenagers in the UK. It's a chance for Year 11s and sixth formers to experience the UK's most inspiring maths speakers live, in big venues, presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world situations. Our shows are exceptional value for money, with ticket prices for 2015  set at no more than £7.50 (which is just £6.25 if you reclaim VAT).

All shows have three interactive talks, an interval and a lively Q and A session at the end. Many of our shows feature mathematicians, engineers and physicists, making this the ideal STEM outing for your school.

Morning shows are usually 9:45-12:30, afternoon 1:00-3:45, but you should always check individual events for variations.

Here's a one minute compilation of some Maths Inspiration speakers which gives a flavour of our shows (although these clips are from our DVDs, performed in front of a younger audience audience - Year 10s at Greenwich Theatre in 2013).

See Maths Inspiration featured on BBC Breakfast Television here.

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And read the feature article in The Guardian about us and the impact we can have on schools here.

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Download the Maths Inspiration Annual Report

Download the Maths Inspiration Annual Report

Watch the ABC TV News report on our Australia 2015 shows

ABC TV News report

Courtesy of ABC TV News