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Virtual Show, Online Autumn 2021

Year 10s, 11s & 12s

10 November 2021 (Recorded version)

How Maths Can Save The Planet - UK Schools
Recording available until 31st March 2022

Flat fee of £25+VAT for a school to have access to a recorded version of the show until March 31st 2022.

On November 10th during COP26, Matt Parker was joined by a group of leading experts for a live interactive hour online, to reveal the maths that professionals use to help them to deal with climate change.

* What’s happening now? Chris Budd (University of Bath)

* Predicting the future Sammie Buzzard (Cardiff University)

* How likely are extreme events? Victoria Stephenson (University of Bath)

* Designing for low carbon Mel Allwood (Arup Engineers)

* What will make the biggest difference? Hugh Hunt (Trinity College Cambridge) - live from Glasgow COP 26

Followed by a short Q&A


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Here are some curriculum topics we'll be touching on:

Graphs and optimising
Mathematical Modelling