Event Details

London, Summer 2021

Year 10/11/12

25 June 2021 (10am-noon and 1:30pm-3:30pm)

The Mathematically Curious Show - Royal Institution Summer Special
Royal Institution, Albemarle St, London

Host: Ben Sparks

Tickets: £10.00 + VAT - Teachers Free

The Mathematically Curious Show

Treat your students to a summer outing! Join Ben Sparks, Katie Steckles and Rob Eastaway at London's historic Royal Institution lecture theatre, in the first in-person Maths Inspiration show since Lockdown.  In this fun interactive show there will be quiz questions, curiosities and plenty of mathematical surprises. We're pitching this show at the Year 10-12 range.

Covid-19 precautions: It is expected that by 25th June, most restrictions on indoor venues will have been removed. However we will be abiding by the recommendations of the government on that date, and will also follow the guidelines of the Royal Institution for their events. We expect to seat schools in groups.

About the presenters:
Ben Sparks is a mathematician and maths communicator whose videos on Youtube's Numberphile channel have been watched by millions. He's interested in the links between puzzles, magic and other 'aha' moments.

Katie Steckles is a mathematician and maths communicator who, earlier this year, led her Puzzle Hunters team to victory in the BBC 2 show 'Only Connect'. Katie will set the audience a couple of mathematical rounds of the infamous Connect Wall.

Rob Eastaway is best known for his popular maths books including Why Do Buses Come In Threes? and Maths On The Back Of An Envelope. He is the puzzle adviser to New Scientist magazine and is fond of counter-intuitive maths.

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Live show images credit: Ben Sparks