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Virtual Show, Spring 2021

Years 10/11/12

24 March 2021 (2pm to 2:50pm )

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Host: Matt Parker

Matt Parker explores the world of cyber-security with Alison Kiddle, James Grime and guests from Bank of America.

Cyber-security is a career with a future. As data becomes more valuable, those who hold it need to protect themselves from others who want to steal it.  It's a game of logical cat and mouse, and the reasoning skills that maths gives you are an essential part of the profession.

There will be a puzzly, code-cracking theme to this show, and Matt will be interviewing a couple of professionals from Bank of America who will explain how they got into the profession.

Fee: £30+VAT per school

This show was broadcast live on Youtube on March 24th 2021.

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Worried that you have to convince your SLT that this show is worth watching during school hours? Here are some curriculum topics we'll almost certainly be touching on:

Logical Reasoning

Statistics and patterns

Prime numbers and factorising

But remember, this isn't a maths lesson!