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Virtual Show, Spring 2021

Years 11 and 12

28 April 2021 (2pm to 2:50pm )

How Maths Built The World - ENGINEERING
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Host: Matt Parker

How Maths Built the World - Maths and Structural Engineering

Recorded version of the show still availableclick here to book.

Want a career for the future, where you can use maths and problem solving skills to help protect the environment? Civil and structural engineering is a profession that will become increasingly important in coming years, as we look for ways to save energy and protect against climate change.

Join Matt Parker as he explores the world of structural engineering with Paul Shepherd, Roma Agrawal and Michelle Hicks - who between them have worked on some of the UK's most prestigious projects including the O2 Arena, The Shard, and the Chessington World of Adventures theme park.

Fee: £30+VAT per school

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Worried that you have to convince your SLT that this show is worth watching during school hours? Here are some curriculum topics we'll almost certainly be touching on:

Trigonometry & vectors

Surface of a sphere



But remember, this isn't a maths lesson!