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Virtual Show - Mechanics and Modelling, Autumn 2020 Online

6th Form and top Year 11s

17 November 2020 (1:20pm to 3pm)

Live on YouTube
(Recorded version available for one week after the live show)

The show will be live and interactive from 1:30pm to 3pm (with pre-show puzzles and shout-outs from 1:20pm)

Featuring Matt Parker, Aoife Hunt, Tom Crawford and Hugh Hunt, with a guest appearance from Nira Chamberlain. 

Maths can be at it most useful when it helps us to understand the real, physical world around us. This show will explore real world applications of school mechanics...in the context of music festivals, penalty shootouts, car collisions and boomerangs.  Aimed particularly at Year 12s, but your Year 13s and strong Year 11s will enjoy this too.

Watch LIVE if you want the interactive experience, or RECORDED for up to one week after the show.

Flat fee of £78 incl VAT.







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Worried that you have to convince your SLT that this show is worth watching during school hours?  Here are some curriculum topics we'll almost certainly be touching on:

Newton's Laws
Conservation of momentum
Forces and pulleys
Circle theorems

But remember, this isn't a maths lesson!